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Saturday July 26 2008 10:59 pm

Something Completely Different!

You know me, I'm unpredictable. I'm bored out of my head, as well. So bored I don't have the energy or means to feel dismayed and create an emo comic. (Sadly that's what this has become.) New directions! That's what we're all about here. It is just life, after all.


TacoTotes, Sunday July 27 2008 11:49 pm

Neat little comic you have going :D I like when people do little comics about the happenings in their life, it makes it much more interesting!! I'm definitely going to fave this, looking forward to more :D

chuff, Thursday July 31 2008 06:29 am

I really like the simple and personal approach. The honesty is wonderful, it's one the best parts of the comics like yours that I often frequent.

Do you think you could put comment possibilities on each comic?

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