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Friday June 27 2008 12:49 am

Love is a many splendid thing

I love how life can work. For example, I had such an urge to watch Moulin Rouge about a week ago but had no means of finding anyone to borrow it off of. I shrugged it off, then a while ago visiting my friend in Massachusetts, it was popped right into the DVD player out of the common cry of Elephant Love Medley. Elephant Love Medley has brought a lot of my friends closer together-only because no other song can be sung at the top of your lungs confessing an infinite love seemingly to the persons you are singing with. If anyone in your circle of friends knows just a little part, no shame is felt busting out that one line.

Of course, if you haven't seen Moulin Rouge, I suggest it to the highest degree. It, of course, is a love story but is an impeccably good example of character development and two and three dimensional characters. Ewan McGregor will make any woman fall to her knees, his performance is unforgettable. One day, I dream of owning an Ewan McGregor for myself (<3). Ah such a great story.

I do tend to dream a lot and have many aspirations in life, things that may never happen and others that will with the help of good luck. I hope to touch upon all these things and more in this comic nonsense. I am really excited about this project, though it is more personal than public. I'm sure once I create a buffer of images I will try and advertise. Of course, my first comic will be trashed once the college friends find out about this (if it does ever find it's way out into the open) because I'm not here to offend or disclose relationship issues.

Until then, my roads are paved with slippery asphalt, as are anyone's.

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